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Resident and Consumer Mailing Lists

Target the Right Audience

At The Oklahoman DIRECT, we help you profile your customers and combine that knowledge with our list resources, giving you a wider audience to choose from and more options for your direct mail list needs.

Creating targeted direct mailing lists is essential in order to have a successful direct mail campaign. Like all good marketing campaigns, you must first identify your target audience: who is buying your products, when do they buy it, what characteristics do they share, and where do they live?

This month if you purchase a mailing campaign of $750 or more, we will provide with a custom Look-A-Like Audience report tailored to your business absolutely free. Don't waste money targeting people that won't respond, hone your targeting and increase your marketing ROI.

Reach your Audience Through Oklahoman DIRECT mailing lists

Residence Mailing List

We are one of 12 shareholders in the organization that maintains the national residence list, giving us unparalleled access to the most updated residence information in the country.

Consumer Mailing List

If you’re looking for consumers by specific demographics and behavioral filters our Consumer Mailing Lists database taps into more than 210 million consumers and over 140 million address locations.

Business Mailing List

Are you looking for businesses of a certain type, size, and location? Our list resources contain more than 22 million businesses and over 28 million executives to help you find your ideal audience.

Your Unique Look-A-Like Audience Report...

Pinpoint Your Audience

We use a national database to create multiple profiles from your existing customer base.

See Their Profiles

Your customers are compared to millions of others nationwide to determine individual and household characteristics.

Understand Their Needs

Learn from your audience's behavior to maximize the efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

An Oklahoma Institution

The Oklahoman DIRECT was the first Oklahoma direct mail company to be issued a business mail permit, which we still hold today. We’re proud of our Oklahoma roots, and at Oklahoman Direct we bring our Midwest sensibilities to the national stage. In the last year, we mailed over 20,000,000 pieces of mail to 41 of the 50 states in the country. Our central location, at the crossroads of I -40 (one of just two, warm weather east/west interstates) and I-35 allows us to deliver to each coast and all corners of the country quickly.

Our years of experience and thorough understanding of postal regulations will guarantee that your mail complies with USPS standards and will be delivered on time for the lowest possible postage rates.


Interested in Improving Your Targeting?

Right now if you schedule a Direct Mail project through the Oklahoman Direct, we will give you the Look-A-Like Audience report completely free. We are giving you a $750 value that you can use to improve your ad campaigns in every medium. Click below to leave your email and phone number and we will get to work finding the perfect audience for your business.