Comprehensive Resident & Consumer Marketing Lists

Target the right audience with The Oklahoman DIRECT’s direct mail lists.

Creating targeted direct mailing lists is essential in order to have a successful direct mail campaign. Like all good marketing campaigns, you must first identify your target audience: who is buying your products, when do they buy it, what characteristics do they share, and where do they live? At The Oklahoman DIRECT, we help you profile your customers and combine that knowledge with our list resources, giving you a wider audience to choose from and more options for your direct mail list needs.

With The Oklahoman DIRECT’s direct marketing mailing lists, your target audience can be reached through a variety of ways:

  • Residence Mailing Lists – We own and maintain Oklahoma’s residence mailing list and sell it to every other mail house in the country and are one of 12 shareholders in the organization that maintains the national residence list, giving us unparalleled access to the most updated residence information in the country.
  • Consumer Mailing Lists – If you’re looking for consumers by specific demographics and behavioral filters our Consumer Mailing Lists database taps into more than 210 million consumers and over 140 million address locations.
  • Business Mailing Lists –Are you looking for businesses of a certain type, size, and location? Our list resources contain more than 22 million businesses and over 28 million executives to help you find your ideal audience.
  • Targeted Email Lists – Connecting with customer electronically can be a great way to enhance the response rate to a targeted direct mail campaign. The Oklahoman Direct’s email products can help you create a multi-flight supplement to your mail through our match and deploy solutions.

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